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It's almost 10 at night and I'm finally settling down to join Jessica's linky at Covered in Glitter and Glue,

How is it possible that I keep finding more and more to do to get ready for school?  I'm back officially with required PDs (Professional Development) next Monday but I've attended 2 days of PD this week already.

I've realized that I had three weeks between summer school and the school conference I went to in Baltimore.  Three weeks 'without work'.  No wonder summer felt so short.

Even though summer felt was short, I'm excited to get started.

What I'm Loving #1

Positivity and Enthusiasm

It has been so nice to be back at school and see all the smiling faces of my work family.  Everyone is excited about the return of our principal from two years ago which is helping to make the mood on campus so positive and enthusiastic.

I mentioned to my principal while at a PD off campus that I wanted to make sure my room was fun to visit since kids will be pulled out of other fun things to come to intervention with me.  I told him to just walk in to my room sometime to see what we did.  I was pleasantly surprised to get this text from him tonight:

"I just checked out your room...looks amazing!! Kids are going to love being in there!"

I know he's spent the past two days at required district meetings.  The fact that he went by my room after a long day like that and took the time to be so positive and encouraging is a glimpse of why the mood on campus is so great right now.  We're going to have a great year.

I hope to take good pictures of the room and link up with Corinna from Surfin Through Second soon.  If you follow me on instagram (surfingtosuccess), you've seen some sneak peaks.

What I'm Loving #2
New Teacher-Only Pens

Why is it the little things that make me so happy?  I was sitting at my desk today, making three To Do Lists, looking around my room.  This little Target bucket full of new pens made me smile.

Sometimes I go to grade papers and can't find the color I want and then make fun of myself for letting that bug me.  I love that none of my pens have wondered off yet.  They are all washi tape end down in the bucket, but I've marked them with a different color washi tape than the pens the kids are allowed to use.

I find myself just sitting in my desk looking around right now.  I think its kind of like putting your toe in the water and letting it get used to the temperature.  I'll have to jump in next week- ready or not.


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  1. I have to admit I'm a little excited about trying out my new pens...I splurged on Frixion ones this year (erasable gel ink). It's the small things, eh? :)


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