Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Math Fact Fluency

Today, I'm linking up for the first time with Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday.

This year I worked with a  group of first graders that were struggling to memorize their facts.  They were struggling in their homeroom classes and were discouraged.  They needed the facts broken down into small manageable chunks.  The first day that they'd come to me for intervention, I'd have them work on the simplest facts.  Once they were successful, they had the confidence on the following days to tackle the facts that had challenged them.

I created these two products for them and they are ready to share with you.  Each one has broken the facts into small manageable chunks with tests and games for each level.

The first helped them memorize their addition facts to 10.

The second helped them memorize their subtraction facts from 10.

Both are 50% off today!

Here are some pictures of my kiddos using the subtraction packet this year.  I like to display the full color flash cards on the white board and print the black and white version onto colorful paper.
 I gave my students envelopes to keep their flashcards in.  They loved collecting flashcards to show how much they had learned.  Some games allow for multiple levels.  This lets the kids retain the facts.

Each level has a game just for that level.  I like to color code the paper to make it easy to keep track.  Each level has a different ocean creature to help identify the level as well.

 Each student had a submarine that traveled on my bulletin board from level to level.  They loved the recognition of passing a test when I'd move their submarine to a new level.

You can find both of these resources in my TPT Store under Fact Fluency.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It: Photo Booth Props and a FREEBIE

As summer time is slipping away, I'm find myself quite busy.  I'm excited to link up with Tara for today's Monday Made It.

My hubby helped me out with my Monday Made It because he is excited that his beautiful daughter is getting married.  We are both so happy for them.  We have a year, but any excuse to start crafting is a good one.

Aren't they adorable?

We are gathering and making props for the photo booth.  I picked up some shapes from Michael's and some Chalk Board Spray Paint and the hubby sprayed both sides for me.

I think it will be fun to put out some chalk and let people write messages on some of the photo props.

The blue frame is a way for me to practice with weather crackle for a sign I'm making for the wedding.  I just typed up something to put in the middle for now.

I also realized that I never shared something I painted when I did my office.

My office is yellow with white trim.  I decided to play with vinyl while doing this painting.  I was originally going to take the letters out and use the rest as a template for painting the letters but I like how crisp the vinyl letters are so I went that direction.   Right now that canvas is the only thing on the walls in my office.  My husband keeps telling me I need to decorate the walls, but I'm happy with just one painting for now.

As a K-6 Intervention teacher, I get a lot of kids referred to me that don't know their facts.  The Common Core Math Fluencies aren't always listed on regular Common Core Standards Posters and they are so important.  I made some for the math teachers at my school based on a resource from Engage NY.  Today, I made them even cuter and created a FREEBIE.

Click here for a FREEBIE containing two posters.

If you want more, click here.

Last year, I created a few systems for encouraging kids to learn their facts fluently.  I've finally posted them this summer.  I'll be talking about how I used them soon, but you can check them out now by clicking on the photos.

Check out the other wonderful bloggers that have linked up for Monday Made It


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Font Freedom

I became obsessed with fonts before I knew teacher blogs existed.  There was a time when I was spending hours online downloading and installing new fonts.  My font list has gotten out of hand.

I've been wanting to streamline my fonts for a while now.  I found this website that told me how to delete all of my installed fonts and restore just system fonts.  I also learned that the fonts that were deleted were actually still on my computer and easy to find so I could just reinstall the ones I really wanted.

Now my computer only has fonts that are Commercial Use OK.  Now, when I'm creating, I can use any font on my computer.  I feel free.  I created this info graphic so you can find font freedom, too.

I went to Kevin and Amanda, reread their TOU and then downloaded fonts with a critical eye towards clarity and legibility for kiddos.  When I went to install, there were some I didn't because they didn't have numbers.

My next stop will be KG Fonts.  I love her fonts.  I have a couple single use licenses, but for my birthday, I've given myself permission to buy the All Fonts Lifetime License next time it is on sale.

To finish up, I decided to delete the system fonts that have symbols for languages I can't read.  I've been afraid to delete them for some reason, but I'm not sure why.  There were a couple that it wouldn't let me delete but overall there were dozens of fonts I deleted.

I caught up on some Netflix while I did this and now when I go to create, I'm free to use every font on my computer.  What a wonderful feeling.  I'm off to create.  :)


Friday, July 18, 2014

Flash Freebie for My Birthday

I'm having such a fun birthday, I decided I need to share the joy.

This is free until I wake up tomorrow. :)

Feedback is welcome.  Please don't mention it was free so others don't get jealous. :)

If you missed this, sorry.  Try following me on Facebook or Instagram to catch my flash freebies.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Replace a Font in the Entire PowerPoint on a Mac or PC

Day Three of 

I'm still sharing tips from my first session with Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills.

I use a PC at school and get it, but I'm a Mac Girl.

When Deanna and Deedee mentioned that you could replace a font in the ENTIRE PowerPoint you are working on at once, my heart skipped a beat.  When they said 'on a PC', I was a bit nervous this fabulous tip wouldn't apply to a Mac.  Luckily, it does.

Yes, two steps.  That is all.  I will refrain from admitting how much time I've spent changing fonts one page at a time.  Let's just say, this tip was worth the cost of the conference.

The first time I tried it, Arial was there in the default menu but my document was full of Calibri.  I thought it didn't work.  So, don't be a duh like me.  Make sure you choose the font you want to replace.

Remember, fonts aren't all exactly the same size. Go through and make sure the new font fits the way you like.  You may have to make some text box adjustments but that is a lot less time consuming than replacing a font on every page.

I've been going back and revising some of my products on TPT, like my Order of Operations PEMDAS packet.  

Next time, this will be so much easier.

How will you use replace fonts?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Choose the Best Font

Do you have a font obsession like I do?

A few years ago, I discovered free fonts online.  Thankfully, a font collection doesn't take up actual room or my house would be overflowing.  I have been pinning and downloading fonts for years.  

Follow Mercedes Monaco-Hutchens's board Fonts on Pinterest.

My collection has been getting out of hand.  I have so many fonts, I spend way to much time choosing the best font for the moment.

During Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills presentation, they mentioned a website called Wordmark.it

This website lets you type a word or phrase and see it in the fonts you have.

The best part is that you can click on your favorites, and click filter.  It will show you all your favorites next to each other.  This makes it easy to compare the fonts.  You can choose the best font for your situation.

Think of all the time this will save.  I have some things I do over and over.   I like to use certain fonts for numbers.  I'm thinking I could type 0-9 and then find the ones that are easy for kids to read.  I could even print or screen shot it for future reference.

If you like this tip, come back tomorrow for my favorite font tip I learned in Vegas.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Conference to Remember

Ever spent hours on Pinterest pinning idea after idea until your brain is exhausted? You have no idea how long you've been there or what you just saw.  That's how I'm feeling right now.

I just returned from the TPT Conference in Vegas and my mind is spinning more than it has after any other conference.

I don't think my brain is ready to put into words all the wonderful ideas that were shared.  So, today, I'll share some pictures.

The ideas are still running around in my brain.  As soon as I get them to sit down, cross their hands, and behave, I'll let you know.

Sarah and I headed to Vegas from SFO
I was so lucky to have my close friend Sarah from Diapers, Dollars, and Diplomas as my partner in crime as we headed off to Vegas.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing the fun and sharing your photos.

Checking in the night before.
I had no idea how full the three days would be.

Before I went, I thought maybe I'd do a blog post about each session.  Usually, at a conference, if you can take one tip from each session, you are successful.  Wow.  I had no idea what I was in for.  I have so much to share. 

 I'll be sharing one tip at a time.

I'm calling them...

My first tip involves how I made that Tips from Vegas graphic online for free.   

Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills presented Did I Really Sell That??!!  

One of the tips they gave was to try PicMonkey. 

PicMonkey is a free website that lets you edit photos.  I tried PicMonkey a few years ago and wasn't a fan. They told us that it now lets you quickly add your blog logo easily through a feature called Overlay.  You just click on the butterfly and add your own photo.

Today, I decided to give PicMonkey another try and I'm glad I did.  All of the pictures on today's post were edited or created in PicMonkey including this infographic I made to help you get started.

I'm linking up with two wonderful bloggers.  Take a look and explore the wonderful learning.


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